Urgent Call to Action

The Proposed Senate Bill 158 would place a Civil Rights Bell Monument on top of Stone Mountain above the Carvings Monument of Davis, Lee, and Jackson.


This is truly an urgent call to action. Georgia State Senate Democrats have filed Senate Bill 158 This bill would place a Civil Rights “Bell” Monument on top of the famed Confederate Carving Monument on Stone Mountain.

Even worse, Senate Bill 158 changes Stone Mountain state park from being a memorial to the Confederacy to being “an appropriate and suitable monument for civil, voting, and human rights.” That becomes a higher priority than the original purpose of the Memorial as a monument to the Confederacy.

Imagine the outrage if the SCV suggested placing a Confederate Battle Flag or busts of Davis, Lee, and Jackson at the King Center. Besides being a divided message, the Social Justice Warriors will continue to complain that they still do not feel welcome at the Park because there are still Confederate names, flags, and monuments there.

We could easily suspect that the cancel culture crowd will continue their anti-Confederate and anti-traditional American history.

What can you do?

URGENT: Please email AND call the offices of your
State Senator immediately.

The rule is to be polite and precise. Just ask them to please vote against Senate Bill 158. Tell your Senator or his secretary: “Please leave Stone Mountain alone.”

You need not say anything else. Just express your opposition to Senate Bill 158 and hang up. You should call AND email.

Finally, we need everyone to email, text, and call the Republican State Senators who have Co-Sponsored Senate Bill 158. They have operated under the misconception that Senate Bill 158 is a good “compromise” to protect against further attacks on the Stone Mountain Memorial Park.

Again, please be polite and precise and conduct yourself as a Southern gentleman. Remember you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. The senators must think that they still could win your vote.

Share this with everyone who is sympathetic.

It is critical that the Senators know that the people of Georgia are not interested in the politically correct cancel culture. If they can see that we are a substantial voting bloc, they will respond. Time is of the essence.

Please act NOW! Swift, unified action now will save the memorial to your ancestors.

Senator Jeff Mullis
(404) 656-0057 office
(423) 421-8175 text

Senator Butch Miller
(404) 656-6578 office

Senator Brian Strickland
(404) 463-6598 office