Donate Used Books for Heritage Defense and Obtain a Tax Deduction Receipt.

The Hiram Bell Research Center has sadly closed their doors after 20 years of serving NE Georgia Area. Bell Center donated most of their books to the Georgia Division, SCV and turned over their account with to the Division.
Now at our Division HQ Office we are selling used books and accepting (Tax Deductible) used books Donations. Our Division Secretary Kitty Dorety is managing our new business venture, mailing out books and accepting used book donations, then placing them on Currently the Division has 903 Books available for sell on
Click Here: View the Ga. Division Books on AbeBooks
This is a great opportunity to clean you shelves of your old Books and an excellent way to support the Sons of Confederate Veterans and more specifically our Heritage Defense efforts. Also receive a tax deductible receipt for your 2021 Taxes.
To Donate your Used Books just coordinate with Kitty at or call Kitty at (866) 728-4642. The physical address to the Division HQ Office is at:
544 Mulberry ST., Macon, Ga. 31202 in the America Federal Bldg.
Bring your Used Books to the 124th Division Reunion on June 4th or 5th, Kitty can take them there.
Another way to see the 903 Books currently on sale on is to go to “sellers” and select “G” and the Georgia Division, SCV is the 8th seller on the list below.