About The Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

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The myth that the Park, by fulfilling its legislative mandate as a Memorial to the Confederacy is detrimental or it intimidates visitors.

Is nothing more than a political fabrication and is clearly fact free.

Stone Mountain has the potential to be the Premier Historical / Heritage Park of the South

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Georgia Division Proposal to Implement Heritage Tourism:

Heritage Tourism Provides:

  1. A centralized theme that defines the Park.
  2. A historical experience of stepping back in time by implementing living history attractions.
  3. Strong interaction between park guests and actors with a focus on Education.

Goals by Implementing Heritage Tourism:

  1. Embrace what makes Stone Mountain unique as a Memorial to the Confederacy.
  2. Improve park experience by providing a more centralized and immersive historical focus
  3. Make education a primary objective by interactive living history and entertainment functions
  4. Increase Revenue and Attendance.
  5. Maintain the statutory purpose of the Memorial Park.

Legal Overview:

  • C.G.A. Section 12-3-191 (7) states that everything at Stone Mountain and property adjacent is a Confederate Memorial and public recreational area.
  • C.G.A. Section 12-3-192.1 states the purpose of the Park is “[t]o maintain an appropriate and suitable memorial for the Confederacy”.
  • C.G.A. Section 50-3-1 defines the function of a memorial “dedicated to, honors…the military service of…military personnel of …the Confederate States of America.”
  • Webster’s Dictionary defines honor as “esteem due or paid to worth; high estimation; respect; consideration; reverence; veneration; manifestation of respect or reverence.”

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