Sons of Confederate Veterans Offers Practical Solutions to Athens’s Mayor and Council Regarding the “Stability and Safety” of the Confederate Veterans Monument.
The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) met with Athens’s Mayor Kelly Girtz on June 15 to offer and to implement some practical solutions to the Mayor and Council’s concerns over the Confederate Monument. At one point the Mayor and Council had claimed their primary reasoning for removing the Veterans Monument is because it is “shifting off its base.” They also asserted that it could be a “health and safety” concern. City leaders expressed concern that criminal vandals could be injured when vandalizing the Monument.
The SCV offered to assist the Athens-Clarke County Consolidated Government in addressing the potentially realistic concerns as follows:
  1. To provide a structural analysis, at the SCV’s expense, by a licensed professional engineering firm to ensure that the concerns expressed that the Monument was “shifting off its base” may be accurately assessed and appraised. If such health and safety concerns are present the SCV is willing to provide professional repair services by a firm experienced in these matters.
  2. The SCV will pay for lighting, cameras, and installation of a wrought iron fence similar to the fencing surrounding much of North Campus of the University of Georgia.
Mayor Kelly Girtz did not seem interested in these practical solutions that would address their previously expressed concerns. He explained he was determined to relocate the Veterans’ Monument to an obscure location in the south of the County on property not presently readily accessible. In the opinion of SCV attorneys this is in clear violation of Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 50-3-1.
The Sons of Confederate Veterans offer remains open to the Mayor and Council in the hopes that they would be reasonable and avoid any unnecessary litigation at the expense of the good citizens of Clarke County.
For further information:
Martin K. O’Toole
Spokesman, Georgia Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Cell: 678/232-8638