Georgia Division,
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Georgia Division Store

The Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans is proud to announce the opening of the Division’s on-line store. After the Confederate hysteria in 2015 when many of the major merchants exclaimed they will not be selling “Confederate” merchandise anymore, the Georgia Division made the decision to open an on-line store to make Confederate Flags and tags available to its membership and the public.  Given the superior quality and historical accuracy of our Flags, we have the most completive prices available than any other on-line store selling Flags. Our major objective is having the patriotic symbols of the Confederate Soldier available for all too proudly display. All profits from the sales go directly to cover the expenses of our Division office.

What makes our Flags unique from the rest?

Our supplier, Ron Moore of the Virginia Division, SCV and founder of Richmond Depot Flags, has been studying these historical flags for many years. Ron manufactured our flags based on real battle flags of the Army of Tennessee and the Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flags which makes our Flags authentic replications based on historical originals. Our Flags with these authentic designs are exclusively sold and distributed by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Most unique are the various star patterns that represent true Confederate flags. Not only are our Flags historically accurate, but they are made with polyester material, heavy duty grommets and has (4) rows of stitching on the flag end for durability.

Bulk Flag Orders

Any orders over (3) flags, please contact our Division office at (866) 728-4642 or e-mail for further information on bulk cost.