Announcement #2 – December 8, 2020
SCV_Chat Program
    For the past nineteen weeks, several young men of the SCV with my blessing have been experimenting with a new form of “alternative media”. This test has been led by Mississippi Division Commander George Conor Bond, Executive Director Adam Southern, Sam Watkins Brigade Commander Matt Singleton, Compatriot Harrison Daws, Lt. Commander-in-Chief Jason Boshers, and myself. If you have not heard of it, it is called SCV_Chat (the _ is intentional) and is broadcast live every Monday at 8 PM CST. The show lasts a little over an hour. The idea is to not only discuss historical topics, but also provide accurate, and up to date information to you the members.
    We are utilizing for the shows broadcast. Twitch is a live streaming, free, platform for “alternative media”. Right now, “alternative media” is growing by leaps and bounds for audiences of all generations. The SCV is in a prime spot to use this to our advantage to give the world the true history of the South and promote the Charge.
    So far, the topics have been geared towards positively promoting southern culture, and our beloved heritage. On top of the weekly episodes, we have had two specials. So far, we have topics scheduled till April of 2021.
    To watch us live go to Monday at 8 PM CST. While there please sign up for twitch and follow the page; this way you will receive a notification whenever we broadcast. Also, we have a Facebook page where you can receive updates on the show and see exclusive behind the scenes content. Simply search for SCV_Chat.
     If you have not seen the program, do take time out to view it live or see some of the replays. The December 7 program is about Yankee War Crimes. I know you will enjoy it. This is another step to taking the organization into the 21st Century and moving forward by provided needed communication of what is happening in the organization as well as learning more about our ancestry. The program has SCV commercials about new products in our Gift Shop, highlights Make Dixie Great Again, and of course promotes our organization. Please check it out sometime or become a subscriber which proceeds will go to the National Confederate Museum.
God Save the South,
Larry McCluney, Jr.
Sons of Confederate Veterans