Resaca Confederate Cemetery in Georgia
What We Stand For:

Preserving History

The Georgia SCV members take pride in preserving and protecting the honor, valor and memory of the Confederate soldier. Many of the activities are open to the public and offer interactive educational opportunities for all ages. Check the event calendar [link] or contact your local camp [link] for activities near you.

Historical Reenactments

Historical reenactments and living histories provide a way for the public to experience the past in person. Most reenactments take place in a battlefield on or around the date that the battle took place. Both Confederate and Union soldiers set up camp on opposite sides of the field. Suttlers often set up tents between the opposing camps to sell reenactment supplies such as uniforms, blankets, and personal items. The public is encouraged to walk thru the camps and Suttler areas and interact with the reenactors to gain the full experience of the time period. Historical accounts are used to reenact the battle strategies as spectators watch from the viewing area. Black powder guns and canons are shot for special effect as the soldiers and horses fight for victory.


Many of the camps participate in parades across the state for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and local festivals. Camp members wear period correct uniforms, march as a unit led by the Captain and fire black powder guns.

Graveside Ceremonies

Soldiers are honored graveside for memorial services, Iron Cross dedications, and Confederate Memorial Day.


The SCV sponsors and honors the resurrection and restoration of Confederate monuments in town centers, parks, cemeteries, and places of historical significance. The monuments represent the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers and their families during the War Between the States.

Camp Meetings

Each camp holds regular meetings to discuss current events, history, share family stories, and welcome new members.