Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Position on Monument Removal , Defacement and Name Changes.
The Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans condemns in the strongest terms possible the vandalism, removal and defacement of any Veteran’s monuments, memorials, or grave markers and will vigorously pursue the prosecution of these heinous violations to the fullest extent of the law.
We hold the services and sacrifices of our American veterans to be sacred and any acts against these heroes and patriots should be deemed by all patriotic Americans as an act of terrorism, equivalent to the atrocities performed by the Taliban and ISIS to erase the heritage and culture in their region.
Our organization also opposes in the strongest terms possible the removal, renaming, modification, or reinterpretation of any monument, memorials, or the names of streets and governmental institutions that are named after and that honors veterans of any conflict, or the Founding Fathers and Historical figures. Removal and modification is nothing more than an attack on true historical facts and is highly dangerous and evil.
Most of the Confederate monuments were erected over 100 years ago. They were financed by the mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters of Confederate veterans to honor their service and sacrifices.
Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines are American veterans designated by an act of Congress in U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410 approved 23 May 1958. They deserve the same respect as all American veterans and we believe that an attack on one set of veterans is an attack on all American veterans.