General James Longstreet Memorial Service

Sunday- January 10, 2021


The Longstreet Memorial will be tomorrow, January 10, in Gainesville at Alta Vista Cemetery at General Longstreet’s gravesite. Camp 1860 will be hosting it. The official address is 521 Jones Street Gainesville, GA. The best way to access General Longstreet’s grave is to enter the cemetery via Jesse Jewell Parkway through the back entrance. The back entrance is at Jesse Jewell Parkway and NE 3rd Street.


The Longstreet Society of Gainesville will have a ceremony at 1:00 PM and ours will begin at 2:00 PM. Our camp has been doing this for around 20 years now to commemorate General Longstreet’s funeral anniversary in January. We invite any who wish to attend. We ask that anyone wanting to participate in the ceremony wears period-correct attire and is prepared to fire volleys.


Rodney Grizzle


SCV Camp 1860, Blue Ridge Rifles