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Donate to GA SCV

Thank you for your interest in helping us to promote and protect our Southern Heritage and symbols. Please consider making a generous contribution to help the Cause. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to the purpose that you select below.
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  • Please make sure that you provide a valid name and address. A statement of your tax deductible giving is available each year upon request.
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Flags Over Georgia

Heritage along our Byways! The Flags Over Georgia project is one of the ways the Georgia Division keeps the memories of our ancestors alive. Various flags of the Confederacy and the 1956 Georgia Flag are displayed atop 80’ to 100’ flag poles along interstate and heavily traveled highways across Georgia. Where possible, a sign or billboard alongside the flag is used to promote the Sons of Confederate Veterans for recruiting purposes. Show pride in our flags by donating to this Cause.

Donate to the Flags Across Georgia Project
Donate to GA SCV
Donate to GA SCV

Division Awareness Fund

Spread the Word! The Division Awareness Fund was established to assist with recruiting costs and educational materials for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This enables us to reach those who are not aware of our organization and are looking for a way to defend and preserve Confederate history.

Donate to the Division Awareness Fund

Heritage Defense Fund

Donations made to the Heritage Defense Fund are used to legally challenge all those who have tried to erase the memory of our heroes and their Cause and to restore damaged monuments.

Donate to the Heritage Defense Fund
Donate to GA SCV
Picture of an old Prison Pens of the North Flyer

Education Fund

Share the knowledge! Educating our communities is one of the best ways to preserve history. The GA SCV publishes written books, audio books, videos, and homeschool curriculum on many topics including southern history, the War Between the States, and experiences of the Southern people during the war.

Help educate fellow Southerners by donating to this cause.

Donate to the Education Fund