Division Recruitment and Voter Registration Campaign


Following up on the Division’s Recruitment and Voter Registration Campaign. We have placed received 100 packs of voter registration applications at our Division Office ready for distribution.

Brothers, I can’t emphasize enough how serious our situation is, if we don’t get our liked mind Georgians registered and out to vote Georgia will be headed down the same path as Virginia has. We can’t let the leftist in Fulton and DeKalb Counties determine our State’s future.

This Recruitment and Voter Registration Campaign is an action that we all can take part in, that will make a substantial difference. Make it a personal goal to get 5 to 10 like-minded Georgians registered to vote and try to recruit them in the ranks of the SCV.

Have a stack of voter registration applications available at Camp events, booths, and meetings along with SCV membership applications. A copy of the individual’s ID is required to submit along with the application, purchase a cheap printer so you can make a copy for them on the spot to get it ready to mail.

We have made it easy to get voter registration applications and recruitment brochures:

Email or Call Division Secretary Kitty Dorety at secretary@gascv.org or (866) 728-4642. We have both voter applications and SCV membership brochures available that she can mail to you.
Email the Secretary of State office, Rachell Simmons at rsimmons@sos.ga.gov and request that she ship you a few packs of voter registration applications.
Go to your County’s Board of Elections office and ask for a pack of voter registration applications.
Go on line to the Secretary of State web-page and register to vote on line : www.registertovote.sos.ga.gov/GAOLVR/beginRegistration.do

Brothers, we can do something about the direction our State is heading. Get some voter registration applications and SCV membership applications on hand to give out. Keep some in your vehicle, you never know when the opportunity will present itself. We have plenty of like minded young men and women that need to be registered to vote and in the ranks of the SCV.
If you’re interested in serving as the Voter / Recruitment coordinator for your Camp or Brigade please email me or give me a call. timfpilgrim@yahoo.com or 404.456.3393.