The Sons of Confederate Veterans Georgia Division Disaster Response Team was founded in September of 2017 after hurricane Irma passed through central Georgia, with a single goal in mind. Helping those in need! Natural and manmade disasters can happen in the blink of an eye, leaving communities in distress. The SCV Georgia Division Disaster Response Team, provides VOLUNTEER SERVICE to communities throughout the state, assisting victims to shelter, delivering supplies, and cleanup. From all directions in Georgia, Men of the SCV have traveled countless hours and Hundreds of miles to help their fellow neighbors.

Most recently, our Response Team provided services in Talbotton Ga., after being in the direct path of a tornado in March of 2019. Our team spent 5 days in the city of Talbotton coordinating with local officials and offering service to those in need.

We provided assistance in Cuthbert Ga. and surrounding areas after hurricane Michael in October of 2018, volunteering well over 200 hours of combined service.

Since 2017, we have been volunteering our services within our own communities assisting with smaller cleanups from thunderstorms and natural events for those who otherwise are not capable or have funding to hire service.

Our Response Team is open to any member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry, the Georgia Society Order of Confederate Rose, and family. Currently we have 30 team members throughout Georgia. Our volunteers, take time out of busy schedules, time off work and pay our own travel expenses to assist where needed. We use our own tools and equipment, we gather supplies, non- perishables, and essential items for those in need, and we ask nothing in return.

We do much more than providing food and essentials. We do the grunt work that so often gets overlooked in a disaster. When trees are down blocking access for utility companies and emergency personnel, time is of the essence for those in need of immediate help. Using chainsaws and other tools, we help get these accesses cleared. Our Services in Cuthbert Georgia alone, allowed an entire subdivision to have power restored several days earlier than anticipated. Utility crews were able to concentrate on restoring electricity, and public safety personnel were able to perform welfare checks on community members because we had cleared the roads and driveways for them.

We have the desire and determination to help our fellow members and our communities in times of distress. We ARE the SCV. We are the Georgia Division Disaster Response Team. We are Living the Charge!

If you have the Desire and Interest to offer assistance in times of distress, please contact our Disaster Response Team Coordinator:

James “Bo” Hall