It is with deep sadness that we make our community, members, and friends aware of an act of vandalism that occurred at The Gettysburg Lot in Laurel Grove Cemetery (North).

Someone has torn up, shredded, and burned several of our flags placed on Memorial Day to commemorate these American Veterans who fell during the war. They also damaged the fence enclosure by destroying the railing surrounding the cemetery lot. It appears those responsible used an igniter to do this, as the lawn and the monument suffered apparent fire damage.

This is tragic; As the SCV, we detest and reject ANY racism or bigotry, and condemn any hate group. We advocate against hatred, and want only to honor those in our families who are a part of our shared American memory and heritage. This is tragic, violent, criminal, and vile. Out of concern for our members’ safety, we ask that you visit the cemetery in pairs so that no unfortunate event might befall you. Furthermore, we ask all concerned citizens to maintain their professional conduct and respectable demeanor; While we recognize that many may feel strongly regarding this heinous act, it is our respectable conduct that sets us apart. We must continue this, and avoid any slanderous or ill-meant remarks.

A report has been made with the cemetery, and a police report will be filed with the proper Law Enforcement Agencies. The culprit, should they be apprehended, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We will NOT tolerate this.

We ask that this post be shared to spread public awareness, and to ensure people are mindful of their safety when visiting the cemetery.

A police report has been filed. The cemetery has cameras. Justice will be served

A response to the criminal vandalism that occurred at Laurel Grove, our camp is setting up this GoFundMe effort to purchase flags to place at ALL 1,000+ GRAVES and purchase game cameras specifically for the Gettysburg Lot & Confederate section, as well as repair the fire damage and fence destruction. Donations are 100% tax deductible

The Francis Bartow Camp is also working with the Untied Daughters of the Confederacy in Savannah to  maintain the cemetery and restore the damage. Please do donate a few dollars to help us cover the costs. Just a dollar or two goes a long way. We intend to install security cameras, placing flags on over 1000 graves and repairing the fence around the lot.