Georgia Division,
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Grave Registry


The Georgia Division participates in the National Confederate Graves Registry (CGR) which was established to provide a central database for recording the grave site of those who served the Confederacy. It is meant as a research tool to those who may be searching for their Confederate ancestor.

Email us at regarding existing information in the CGR or questions on burials within Georgia.

Should you be interested in contributing information, you may do so either electronically or by mail using the following links to submit information about the Confederate Veterans buried in your area.

SCV Registry Template in Excel

Instructions for the SCV Gravestone Template  

You will find attached a copy of the worksheet to be printed and used for manually submitting soldiers to the CGR. Instructions relating to it are included on the second page. Please follow the instructions which helps us a great deal.

Manual Graves Worksheet

Search the Registry

Within the CGR you will find the final resting place of the soldier or sailor along with his rank, company, and regiment. Birth and death information is listed when available. In many cases there also will be his service dates, other units in which he may have served, spouse/s and parents.

If you do not find the individual you are looking for, check back with us as the CGR is constantly growing.

Search The Graves Registry

Standard Government Headstone or Marker

You can honor your ancestor’s military service by requesting a government issued headstone to be placed in an established cemetery.

To complete the application, go to and search for Form Number VA40-1330.

Illustrations of Standard Government Headstones

Illustrations of Standard Government Headstones