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Support House Bill 970 for tax credits for the rehabilitation of historic structures.

March 23rd, 2020|Uncategorized|

Support House Bill 970 for tax credits for the rehabilitation of historic structures. Gentlemen, There is a good Bill that has been submitted, House Bill 970 that provides tax credits for the rehabilitation of historic structures. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has always been on the forefront protecting and preserving our History and Heritage. This Bill gives good tax incentives to promote the preservation of Georgia's History. House Bill 970 is currently in the House's Ways & Means Committee and needs our help promoting its passage to the House Floor. Below is a summary of the Bill, sample letter and [...]


March 23rd, 2020|Uncategorized|

Compatriots, The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has had an effect on several camps, brigades and divisions. Let it be known, National stands behind the decisions made on all levels of this organization. I realize numerous camps have cancelled their meetings. However, even though you're not meeting in a designated place, there are things you can do. Give the older members in your camp a call and see if they are alright. Get together with other camp members and take food and supplies to those members that can't get out. We will make it through this and be stronger for it. [...]

Up-dated Camp Adjutant Procedures

March 23rd, 2020|Uncategorized|

Commanders & Adjutants, At the last SCV National Reunion in Mobile, AL. a motion to increase National's dues by $5 passed to help fund the construction & operations of the new Confederate Museum building on the grounds of our National HQ at Elm Springs, TN. This change effects SCV National's dues for renewing members, new members, prorating and National life memberships. I have up-dated the Camp Adjutant procedures documents to reflect these changes. Below are the up-dated procedures and a link to print a PDF copy of those procedures. Adjutants print out a copy for your use, it will be [...]

April is Confederate History and Heritage Month

March 23rd, 2020|Uncategorized|

O.C.G.A. § 1-4-20 GEORGIA CODE Copyright 2015 by The State of Georgia All rights reserved. *** Current Through the 2019 Regular Session *** TITLE 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS CHAPTER 4. HOLIDAYS AND OBSERVANCES O.C.G.A. § 1-4-20 (2015) § 1-4-20. Designation of Confederate History and Heritage Month (a) The General Assembly hereby finds and determines that tourism is a great economic resource in Georgia; and historical, heritage, and cultural inheritance are among the tourism industry's most popular attractions. Georgia's Confederate heritage, physical artifacts and battle sites, and historic events and persons not only attract visitors, they are potentially of even greater importance [...]

Bronzed Breaded Confederate Soldier

March 23rd, 2020|Uncategorized|

Commander Pilgrim visited Jack Ward's Foundry to visit our Bronzed Breaded Confederate Soldier. On the right of the soldier is Sculpulor Jack Ward and Timothy Pilgrim on the left. Commander Pilgrim says," The level of detail on these bronze pieces are truly a work of art."

Campers Needed for the Georgia Confederates Youth Camp

February 8th, 2020|Uncategorized|

Gentlemen, The Executive Council approved again this year a $200 scholarship for the first 20 Campers for the Georgia Confederates Youth Camp being held in June 2020. The cost per Camper for a week of Confederate education and fun is $350, with the scholarship applied brings the cost for our young Campers to $150 per Camper. I would like to ask our Camps of the Georgia Division to please support the Georgia Confederates Youth Camp by sponsoring a Camper, either boy or girl for a week of the best historical programs and comradely that they will ever experience. If you [...]

H.L. Hunley Awards & Scholarships now Available

February 8th, 2020|Uncategorized|

 HL Hunley Awards (Certificates with Medals) are available at our Division Office ready for distribution to the Camps of the Georgia Division for deserving JROTC Cadets. For a Camp Commander and/or Camp representative to order a HL Hunley Award from the Georgia Division Office the following information is required at ordering. REQUIRED INFORMATION: The Camp number and Commander ordering the award and the mailing address where to ship. Name and address of school. Name and rank of the school contact and their contact information at the JROTC. Name and rank of Cadet. Date of Award presentation. Payment of $30.00 per [...]

Saint James School Event November 2019

January 25th, 2020|GA Division News|

Saint James School Event November 2019 Photos from the Savannah Militia Camp School Program at St James Catholic School Savannah, November 2019. Compatriot Jim Willis was hurt in a car wreck coming to the event, so I might have forgotten to send. He has recovered and is in his usual cantankerous self. Compatriot Jim Stevens is pictured with the students in a show and tell. Compatriot David Milton and I did drill and ceremony demonstration with the students. The event was a great success, We have been invited back for 2020. any photo that I post on the camp Facebook page, please [...]

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