The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has had an effect on several camps, brigades and divisions. Let it be known, National stands behind the decisions made on all levels of this organization.

I realize numerous camps have cancelled their meetings. However, even though you’re not meeting in a designated place, there are things you can do. Give the older members in your camp a call and see if they are alright. Get together with other camp members and take food and supplies to those members that can’t get out.

We will make it through this and be stronger for it. I will leave you with a post from Donnie Kimbell, chaplain for the LA Division…..

Compatriots, we are in troublesome times, no doubt. And some of the news media is painting our situation as doomsday. The media is not in control. I try to avoid this type of hype so I get my news from a source I can depend on, God’s Word.

It tells me that God is in control and HE knows what HE is doing. Scripture also tells me that suffering and death are all part of life. God even allowed His Son to suffer and die.

But Jesus’ death was for us. He took our sins to the Cross. We are forgiven, once and for all.

Events like the COVID-19 will come and go. Heaven is eternal. You can choose to worry, or you can choose to trust in HIM.

HE holds the key to comfort in these troublesome times.

Paul Gramling, Jr.
Sons Of Confederate Veterans